About Us Banadad Trail Association
Gunflint Trail — Grand Marais, Minnesota

The Banadad Trail Association is a non-profit association of people dedicated to having fun while preserving, maintaining, protecting and enjoying the Banadad Trail and the Boundary Waters (BWCA). We invite you to join us.

Contact information

Email: bta@boreal.org
Phone: 218-388-9476
Address: Banadad Trail Association
P.O. Box 436
Grand Marais, MN 55604
Trail Maintenance and Grooming:
Boundary Country Trekking
Gunflint Trail
Phone: 218-388-4487 / email: bct@boundarycountry.com
President - Andy Jenks
VP - John Bottger
Secretary - Barb Bottger
Treasurer - Sarah Kempainen
Flannery Delaney
Barb Gecas
Chris Matter
Robyn Hanson
Joanne Jacobsen
Ex-Officio Past President
Linda Bosma

Banadad Trail Association By-laws

BTA Minutes and Meetings

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