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Protect our Winters

Thought this organization info  I received recently from Roger Lohr  might interest some of you- thanks, Ted Young

Campaign Cause

On April 11, cross country skiing’s racing celebrity Kikkan Randall joined 74 other snow sport icons in signing a letter to President Obama to urge action on climate and energy with the organization “Protect Our Winters” Is it time for the xc ski community to get on board with these issues that threaten our passion and livelihood?

And as always, I’m looking for newsworthy info about events, programs, and special offers for the spring and summer to post on the What’s Happening Page and Hot Topics Page; so drop me a line. I’m trying to promote resorts on the site and secondarily, in my anxiety-driven existence, I probably try too hard to keep the regional What’s Happening columns (east, central, and west) somewhat even…

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First Skiers of the Season through Banadad

Three intrepid skiers from Duluth were the first to ski the entire Banadad this winter season. After spending a night at the Tall Pine Yurt the trio skied the 19 kilometers to the Croft Yurt where they stayed their second night. The weather cooperated the first day’s ski and the track was fairly good. However by the second day’s ski the temperature rose into the thirties and it began to rain. The trail which had some center stubble showing through even before the rain began to deteriorated.   One of the three skiers remarked that until there is fresh snow on the Banadad, “skiers should plan on using their old skis.”

Snow is forecast for today.

The Banadad Trail Green-Up- May 5 and 12

Bandad Ski TrailTree Planting

For the past four years the carbon produced by the equipment used to maintain and groom the Banadad Ski Trail has been sequestered in tree planting.   According to the Banadad Trail Association- “tree planting is our way to insure that the maintenance and grooming of the trail remains carbon neutral”.

If you would like help in the tree planting, give us a call at 218-388-4487. The Banadad Tree Planting is scheduled for 10:00 AM, Saturday, May 5 and May 12.  Planting will last about four to five hours. Meet at the Poplar Creek Guesthouse, 11 Poplar Creek Drive. Tools, tree seedlings and supervision provided.

For those that need lodging for the Tree Planting, Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B and Cabins is offering a special rate of $89/person plus taxes for two nights lodging, Barbara’s famous breakfasts each morning and one trail lunch. If you need overnight accommodations, go to lodging or call 800-388-4487.

Banadad Closes for the Season.

Sorry folks, it is all over.  On March 18 the last two skiers of the season skied on the Banadad. They were able to ski about 2 km to the first Beaver Pond, but encountered many bare spots. By the next day with temperatures hovering in the fifties there was little snow left.

This was the first year within the twenty nine year history of the Banadad that there was not enough snow on the Trail to ski well into April.  And with the Trail’s late opening this makes this year’s season one of if not the shortest ski season ever.

Trees Planted along the Banadad- Trail Goes Carbon Neutral

The Banadad Trail Association, friends and neighbors this spring are planting six hundred red

Tree Planting along the Banadad

Tree Planting along the Banadad

and white pines and 100 white spruce trees in previously logged and “blow-down” areas along the eastern end of the Banadad Ski Trail and around Little Ollie Lake. Some 350 trees went into the ground over this past weekend. The remaining trees are planned to be planted during this week by local members of the Association, guests and staff at Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B. As in previous years, the tree planting is a way for the Banadad Trail Association to insure that the maintenance and grooming of the trail remains carbon neutral. Similarly Poplar Creek B&B, in joining with the Association in this project, is seeking to sequester the carbon produced by the use of its vehicles in these new tree

This weekend project was injunction with the Gunflint annual Green-Up.. The year’s event attracted some two hundred participants who in addition to the tree planting along the Banadad began clearing the underbrush, called –releasing’” around trees previously planted during the event in past years.

Trent toward Early ice-out on Poplar Lake- Does it Spell a Shorter Ski Season

The ice on Poplar Lake went-out on April 6. This  marks the earliest the ice, in recent history, has gone out on Poplar. Prior to this year, the earliest the ice went out was on April 16 in 2005 and 2006. Between 1990 and 2000 the ice went out six times during May with the latest May 22. After the year 2000 the ice has gone out six times in April and only three time in May.

This winter the Banadad Ski Trail closed for the season on March 20. This is the first season since the Trail opened in 1982 that the eastern end of the trail was not ski-able into April.

What does this tells us about what is happening to the Banadad Trail’s Ski Season?

Banadad Ski Trail Closes for Season

Sorry folks the snow is gone; the Banadad is no longer ski-able. See you next winter. The last skier on the trail was March 20th.