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Barbara Young ” This is the most beautiful winter I’ve seen in a long time”

Barbara Young quoted in StarTribune January 9, 2016.

Some Snow on Trail but Need More

Yesterday eleven members of Minnehaha Academy’s Nordic Ski Team lead by their coach, Anne Rykken, worked on clearing the west end of the Banadad.. The kids on the team thought the work was great fun.-

On the westend there is about 1-2″ of snow. Not near enough snow to get onto that end of trail with equipment. However, on the east end the snow measures 3-4 inches. Four inches is almost enough, but not quite enough, to get out onto the trail and start packing. While the snowmobiles are out  packing the packing crew will work on clearing the down trees remaining on the  remote section of the east end just beyond the Logging camp.

Magazine Features BTA Volunteers

Silent Sport Magazine featured the Banadad Trail Association’s volunteer trail maintenance in December.  The article entitled, “Voluntees ready Minnesota’s Banadad ski trail for snow.”

Bandad is Ready to Track

Packing the Banadad this year took three “back-breaking” days of hand cutting and removing many down trees across the trail. Most of these tree were on the east end. Thanks to Tom’s crew which, this fall, hiked the entire west end  removing the down trees as the went there was not many trees across the trail on west end.  Finally the Banadad is packed and open. The grooming crew is ready to go as soon as we get another couple of inches of snow.

The Lace Lake, Tall Pine, part of the Banadad’s eastend and the Knopp Trail are tracked.

More Snow on the Gunflint

Another 4-5 inches of snow fell last night. This was on top of what we had before. Hopefully the Banadad will be open earlier this year then the last few years. Think more Snow!Banadad Trail- Nov 10, 2013

First Snow

First Snow of the Season

First Snow of the Season

This morning we received about one inch of snow. First time this fall. However yesterday with the temperature hovering in the 40s and blue sky it snow for about five minutes. So you could say yesterday was our first snow.

Last Fall the first snow came about a month earlier on September 22.

Snow Conditions- May 13

It may not be great skiing but after all it is may 13.  There is still snow in the woods and the Lakes with the exception of the  small ponds are still frozen.May 13, 2013

First Skiers of the Season through Banadad

Three intrepid skiers from Duluth were the first to ski the entire Banadad this winter season. After spending a night at the Tall Pine Yurt the trio skied the 19 kilometers to the Croft Yurt where they stayed their second night. The weather cooperated the first day’s ski and the track was fairly good. However by the second day’s ski the temperature rose into the thirties and it began to rain. The trail which had some center stubble showing through even before the rain began to deteriorated.   One of the three skiers remarked that until there is fresh snow on the Banadad, “skiers should plan on using their old skis.”

Snow is forecast for today.

New Snow Last Night

Last night eight inches of fresh snow fell on the Banadad. We will have to wait a few days for the snow to settle and the ground to freeze before we can get out and  start opening the trail. But get your skis ready.

Banadad Fund Raiser Interview online

Tuesdays WTIP’s interview with Linda Bosma, BTA President  is now available online at –

y2y with bta 1.11 018Linda along the Banadad