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Help Clear the Downed trees on the Banadad

GiveMn-Give to the max day -November 13

A wind storm this summer dropped hundreds of trees down across the Banadad within the BWCA. We are working on clearing these trees .

While the Banadad Trail Association recently received a $5,000 grant from the US Forest Service to help pay for this work, we have to match those funds with 35% of that amount in order to access the funds. The Banadad Trail Association needs your help so we can clear the remaining 3-4 miles of Trail and get the Banadad open for skiing this winter.

We are turning to outdoor enthusiasts, skiers, and other who love the Banadad Trail and asking if you can help support this work with a donation.  If you are able,  please donate to the Banadad Trail at Giving to max day – November 13 –  GiveMN.  Thanks

July Storms Litter Trail With Trees

“Imagine going out for a lovely ski on the Banadad Ski Trail and coming across a very large clump of down birches, balsams and a twenty inch aspen flanked by two other large aspen blocking the trail. And by the way you are in the BWCA. To remove these trees it took six people using hand saws and sweat labor over five hours.” States Linda Bosma, Banadad Trail Association former president write up for GiveMN.

tree clump

These six person volunteer crew started at the Banadad eastern trail early in the morning. According to members of the crew; “We cut some eight down trees blocking the trail before we even got to this intimidating clump.” After removing this clump three more trees were cut by the sawyers as they travel west along the trail. Others in this crew assisted with the down trees then tackled the high balsam and spruce branches on the trails side. After putting in a full day this crew had cleared a little over a mile of the trail’s eastern end.


This was just one of the accomplishments the Banadad Trail Association can brag about when eighteen volunteer attended the Association’s annual volunteer trail work day. In addition to the crew working on the trail’s first mile, two other crews worked on other sections of the trail.

The second group of six volunteers walked two half miles to the Lizz Lake Portage, outside the BWCA where the side brush had not been trimmed for many years. They spent the day cutting back the large alder side brush. Two members of this crew wearing rubber boots waded through a foot and one half deep swamp to trim back the brush further down the trail.  After a day of trimming this group had opened up about a quarter of a mile of the trail beyond Lizz Lake Portage.

The volunteer’s third group brought up the rear trimmed mostly conifer side brush and branches which last year was a major problem when heavy snow made these branches lean down into the trail.

After the day’s work was complete Andy Jenks, the Association’s president stated; “that a lot had been accomplished and it was a great day on the trail today”.

Andy continued, “But there still is much more to do. A storm went through six to eight remote interior miles of the trails eastern section this past summer leaving hundreds of trees down across the trail. This section of the Trail because of the distance can not easily be reached by our volunteers so a paid contractor is working on clearing this section. Thus far the cost to clear two and one half miles has been over $1500 and we still have many miles go. While a $5000 USFS grant is helping to pay for this work we must raise and contribute 35% of the costs in cash ourselves.


Andy emphasized, “We really need you help to pay for this work, please log-in and donate to the Banadad’s trail work at GiveMN.

Support the Banadad Ski Trail Become a Member Today


Autumn is here and the first snow has fallen in northern Minnesota.  It will soon be time to think about cross-country skiing on the Banadad Trail, the longest tracked ski trail in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA).  Skiers will be traversing this pristine wilderness ski trail in just month or so.

The Banadad Trail Association is an all-volunteer organization formed in 2009 to preserve and maintain the Banadad. All maintenance and trail clearing to keep the Banadad Trail open must be done by hand. Special permission from the U.S. Forest Service allows the trail to be tracked for skiing. Every fall the Banadad Trail Association coordinates volunteers to help get the trail ready for the ski season and in winters the Association supports the tracking of the Banadad.  We are committed to ensuring that the Banadad Trail remains a unique wilderness resource for future generations.

The Trail Association Board invites you to invest in the future of the Banadad by joining the association. Your membership truly does make a significant and meaningful difference.  Last year with the help of your membership dollars the 32-foot, remotely located Banadad Bridge was rebuilt and in spite of the late arrival of winter and early spring the Association’s groomers spent 139 hours tracking the trail. The CO2 that is put into the atmosphere as a result of our grooming and maintenance is sequester in trees that we plant. This year over 500 white and red pines were planted around the eastern end of the Banadad. Without members support, the Banadad Trail would cease to exist.

Membership levels for this year (October 2012 to September 30, 2013) are:

$15 Cook County Residents

$25 Individual

$35 Family

Consider these additional levels of membership to help support the Banadad:

$50 Trail Maintainer

$100 Trail Builder

$250 Founding Member

$500 Lifetime Preservationist membership in the Banadad Trail Association

To become a member, please click on membership, click on the membership form, print out and fill in the membership form and mail it to the Banadad Trail Association, PO Box 436, Grand Marais, MN 55604 or join using your credit card at the membership level you wish by going to

The BTA is a federally tax-exempt non-profit organization allowing your membership donation to be tax deductible.

Be sure to follow the latest on trail conditions on the Association’s website and add your own tales from the trail at on the association’s newsletter – the Banadad Bulletin.

Sincerely, Andy Jenks- President

Chris Matter,  Membership Co-Chair                  Anne Rykken, Membership Co-Chair


The Banadad Trail Association held their annual meeting on Sunday, October 21, 2012 and announced the association has reached its fundraising goal to support a trail construction project on the historic ski trail.  BTA President Linda Bosma made the announcement to members that the organization met and exceeded its fundraising goal to support a reroute of the west end of the Banadad Ski Trail.  The project is the most ambitious effort undertaken by the BTA, which is just over three years old, and will reroute the trail on the west end of the Banadad Ski Trail and improve the parking area to enhance safety for day skiers as they enter and exit the roadway.

The west end of the Banadad crosses private property; a recent change in ownership created the opportunity to explore rerouting the portion of the trail that connects the parking area to the Banadad’s entrance into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  This section of trail is most frequently used by local day skiers for in-and-out skiing, but is also popular with “thru skiers” who ski the entire 29 kilometer length of the Banadad from end to end, including those who stay in yurts overnight.  The current status of the trail’s west end was in doubt without the reroute and new trail construction.  The BTA also plans to improve the parking area to make it safer for skiers as they enter and exit the Gunflint Trail roadway.  The project budget is approximately $11,340.  To help support this work, the BTA has receive a Trail Connections Grant from the Department of Natural Resources in the amount of $7,500.  The BTA has raised the remaining project funds, which are required to match the grant support.

“We are so grateful to the many people and businesses who contributed to our fundraising campaign.  The outpouring of support we received really demonstrates how many people value the Banadad Ski Trail and its continuation as a recreational and historic resource for cross country skiers who want to experience wilderness skiing in the Boundary Waters,” Bosma said.

Oct 2012 peter- karlaTrail Crew on Banadad- Peter Spink, Sue Abrehamsen, Jim Raml, Paul kelnburger, & Karla Miller

Bosma also thanked the crew of 15 volunteers who cleared trail and readied it for the upcoming ski season.  Fifteen volunteers, including Cook County skiers as well as representatives from the North Star Ski Association, spent much of the weekend working on trail maintenance.  The Minnehaha Ski Team has a maintenance weekend scheduled in November to complete maintenance for the winter.  The annual meeting and maintenance work were hosted by Boundary Country Trekking.  Trail coordinator Ted Young directed the work crews, who cleared 17 miles of trail over the weekend.

The other item of business at the annual meeting was election of new board members and officers.  Andrew Jenks (Stillwater) was elected President, John Bottger as Vice President (Grand Marais), Linda Bosma (Minneapolis) will move to Treasurer, and Barb Bottger (Grand Marais) was re-elected as secretary.  New board member Flannery Delaney was elected and Chris Matter (Hudson, WI) was re-elected for another term, to join continuing members Peter Spink (Poplar Lake), Kate Kelnberger (West Bearskin Lake), Anne Rykken (St. Paul), and Wayne Monson (Stillwater).  Board members thanked outgoing board members Anne Berberich and Karla Miller, who are not renewing their terms.

Vice President John Bottger summed up the outlook for the coming year: “We have an ambitious workload for the coming year, but we have great cooperation and participation from the new property owners and a dedicated board, so this is a great partnership and an exciting project.”

To Friends of the Banadad Trail,

bta_logo_bigBarely a month ago, I wrote to you and asked for your help to support the reroute of the west end of the Banadad Ski Trail.  I’m happy to report that the response from our friends and fellow skiers like you has been fantastic!  We are over three-quarters of the way toward our goal!!

This is so gratifying.  On behalf of the Banadad Trail Association and everyone who enjoys the trail, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated.  Our goal is in site—we are almost there!  We are confident that we will reach goal and are starting the appraisal of the new trail section in the coming weeks.

While we are close, we still need help. Maybe you set aside my message a month ago, or just haven’t followed through on donating—if so, please do so now, to ensure we will be able to access the matching grant funds.  Now is a critical time to ensure we maintain our momentum and make our goal.

So, for those who have donated—thank you! And if you haven’t yet, please consider making a donation now.  Any amount, small or large, helps to ensure that we can successfully complete the reroute project and retain access to the west end of the Banadad.

Can you donate $25, $50, $100, or $250 to support the reroute?  To donate, go to our page at or send a check directly to the Banadad Trail Association, P.O. Box 436, Grand Marais, MN  55604.

With “a little help from our friends” we can complete this project in time for the upcoming ski season!


Linda M. Bosma, President, Banadad Trail Association

P.S. Also, please keep in mind our fall maintenance weekend and annual meeting the weekend of October 20th & 21st.  We’d love to have you join us for either or both and a celebration of the new section of trail!

Banadad Fund Raiser Interview online

Tuesdays WTIP’s interview with Linda Bosma, BTA President  is now available online at –

y2y with bta 1.11 018Linda along the Banadad


The Banadad Trail Association announced today that it is undertaking a fundraising campaign to construction on new section of the trail and enlarge the parking on the trail’s west end.  The project will reconstruct the west end of the Banadad Trail, which crosses private property, secure a permanent easement, and ensure continued access for skiers from the west end.

“We are so excited to undertake this project,” said BTA president Linda Bosma, who has been skiing the Banadad Trail for 18 years.  “A change in property ownership creates the opportunity for us to improve the west end of the trail, which is popular with day skiers who want to ski in and out, as well as the through skiers, who ski the entire 29 kilometers of the trail in one day.” 

The project cost is $11,340.  The BTA has been awarded a Trail Connections Grant from the Department of Natural Resources that will cover $7,800 and the Association must raise the balance.  

“This is the most ambitious project we have undertaken as a new organization,” said John Bottger, BTA Vice President and Gunflint Trail resident.  “We’ve secured grants and donations to cover maintenance and grooming costs of the trail since 2009, when we formed, and last year we rebuilt a remotely located bridge within the BWCA.  So, while this new project is significant, we feel up to this challenge.  But we’ll definitely need the support of our members, skiers, and other supporters of the trail.” 

Bosma enthusiastically noted that people have already begun donating, even though the campaign is just getting off the ground, with over $1,000 in donations already received this week.  “We’re extremely gratified by the early show of support we’ve received—we love this trail and construction of this new section on the west end is vital to ensuring access to the trail in the future.”

 Those interesting in donating can do so through the Banadad Trail Association page on

or by sending a check directly to the Banadad Trail Association, P.O. Box 436, Grand Marais, MN  55604.


The BTA hopes to reach their fundraising goal by September 15, 2012.