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New Snow

There is about a foot of new snow on my deck. There is still water and slush on the lake. The Banadad was good skiing tonight. Lots of Snow on the trees

New Snow Brings on First Tracks

Five fresh inches of snow fell two days ago allowed for the tracking of some of the trails. The Banadad from the east end trailhead to Lizz lake Portage 2.5 KM – very good to excellent tracked skiing. Seppala and west side of Tall Pines Trails tracked with fair skiing. Remainder of Banadad Trail System packed ski able but awaiting more snow to track.

Awaiting Snow to Track

December 19- All the trails in the Banadad Trail system are now cleared and packed. We are now just awaiting enough snow to track. Currently there are from four inches of snow on the trail’s eastern end to six inches west of mid trail. Some snow is predicted over the weekend.

BCT‘s maintenance crew

December 14 Ski

About 5 degrees. The snow is dry. There are tracks of one skier and one moose and numerous squirrels and rabbits and a fox or two enjoying the trail. Conditions are great for skating. Classical should also be good. There is about 3 inches of snow, not enough to groom but skiing is very good,

December 7 Ski the Banadad

There is about 2 inches of snow on the lake. Skating is magical. But, there are a lot of slush and water pockets to be avoided. I skied across the eastern bays of Poplar and across the Swamp Lake portage to The Banadad. There was about 2 inches of snow on the trail and Ted had been down it with the snowmobile. Skating (rock skis) was excellent. I am writing this on the 10th and there has been a little more snow and much colder. Skiing should be excellent Watch for water on the lakes. There is about 2 inchs of ice.

Snow, Cold Weather

December 3- The last three days have seen the temperature getting down into the lower teens. This morning it stood at ten degrees. We have  some snow, about three inches and more on the western end of the trail. It is not enough snow to stop the standing water along the Banadad from freezing. Another inch or two of snow and we should be able to get onto the trail with snowmobiles to pack and clear as we go. Still shooting for a December 15th opening of the Banadad and a bit earlier for the eastern Banadad trails. Stay tuned!