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Sunny and open trail

Others have noted the Alder thicket of weeks past. The trail is cleared and tracked and was in good condition yesterday. I skied out about 5k and returned. Plan to ski more this next week and ski thru March 4.

Banadad Re-opened Following Ice Storm

The ice covered alder brush and small trees clogging the Banadad Ski Trail from last months storm, and that forced the closing of the trail, has finally been removed. The Banadad is once again open.  The re-opening of the trail took nine-four hours of hard-wet-cold hand labor by trail crews.

Groomers have now finished packing the fresh snow and the re-setting of tracks begins today, February 11. It is expected that the track setting of the Banadad will be completed by tomorrow.

According to trail maintenance manager, Ted Young, “the brush that clogged the trail from this storm was by far and away the worst I have ever seen in my twenty-seven years of working on the Banadad. The crews that helped re-open the trails did a great job!  Young continued, “I wish to give a special thanks to Jim Morrison, Peter Spink, Pete Harris, John and Barbara Bottagar who volunteered their time along with paid trail workers, Jim Raml, Mike and Matt Hendrickson.  And thanks to other members of the Banadad Trail Assocation who, contributed moral support, including support from as far away as New Zealand. The re-opening of the Banadad was truly a team effort.”

Trail Alert-Banadad Hit by Ice Storm

Ted Young, Trail Administrator t- Last week I had to attend an important but boring state tourism conference; I was gone four days. When I returned I discoved that the weekend’s rain followed by twelve inches of snow had devastated the Banadad. The ice/snow covered brush and small trees had caved into the trail making it impassable. I have since hired two local guys and who along with Jim Raml and I are working to get the trail opened. Thus far we have now spent fifty-seven hours (two or three people each day) on the trail. We now  have approximately 25kms of 39 kms open. We expect it will take another thirty hours or so to complete the job. I have requested supplementary funds from the DNR but not sure if they will come through.