Former Minnehaha Acadamy Skier Leads University Group

The second group completing the entire Banadad was a party of four from the University of Minnesota, lead by Elise Schiffman. The group spent Monday night at the Tall Pines Yurt. The following day, they skied the 20 kilometers east end of the Banadad Trail, and then spent the night at the Croft Yurt. They spent next day at the Croft snowshoeing, skiing, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Thursday, they skied the remaining 12 kilometers west end to their car.

Elise was no stranger to the trail. She has been through a three times as a member of Anne Rykken’s Minnehaha Acadamy ski team.  Additionally, her parents – Karen and Eric – have braved the same trails to the yurt twenty- six years previous.

Joining her this time was  Mary Wangen, James Overton and Julia Winkels – each deepening their love of the quiet trails and silent hills. All participants are from the University of Minnesota, hailing from the Twin Cities; let us hope this jaunt in the wild is far from their last.

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