First Snow

First Snow of the Season

First Snow of the Season

This morning we received about one inch of snow. First time this fall. However yesterday with the temperature hovering in the 40s and blue sky it snow for about five minutes. So you could say yesterday was our first snow.

Last Fall the first snow came about a month earlier on September 22.

Annual Meeting and Trail Day- Oct 26

Help Needed! The Banadad Trail Association invites you to help get the Banadad Ski Trail ready for winter. We will first be clearing the rocks and small sticks left by the bulldozer on the new rerouted trail section starting at the western Trailhead. Since this section should not take to long we then enter the BWCA cutting as much brush and stubble as time allows. It is also hoped that we will be able to install a kiosk to be donated by the Gunflint District- USFS at the new western trailheads parking area. Of course this will only happen only if the Forest Service is open for business by then.

Some of last year's crew

Some of last year's crew

Volunteers meet for the Trail Work Day at 9:00 am, Saturday, October 26, at Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B, 11 Poplar Creek Drive (just off the Lima Grade) Gunflint Trail. Hand tools and lunches will be provided to all volunteers. Wear sturdy clothing and boots.  After the work session volunteers are inviting to return to the Poplar Creek Guesthouse to clean-up and a social hour.

Then everyone is invite- trail volunteers and other friends of the Banadad to the Banadad Trail Association’s forth Annual Meeting followed by a Potluck Dinner. The Meeting and Potluck will be starting at 6:00 pm at the Schaap Community Center – Gunflint Fire Hall #1 – on Gunflint Trail next to Lima Grade.  Bring dish to pass.

For more information on the Trail Work Day and/or the Banadad Trail Association’s Annual Meeting and Potluck Dinner contact 218-388-4487.

Crew Opens Remote Section of the Banadad

Five members of the Conservation Corp of Minnesota spent three days working deep into the BWCA portion of the trail. The crew first widened one mile west of the Mid Trail Junction, cleared another one half mile beyond the section widened and then cleared from Mid Trail east another two miles. The last day they widened and cleared the eight tenth of a mile west from the Croft Yurt to Mid Trail. They estimated putting in a minimum of 125 hours of on the trail work. The crew spent their nights at the Croft Yurts. Great Job!Conservation Corp of Minnesota

Volunteer Crew Readies Eastend Trails for Snow

This past weekend, trail activist and former BTA board  member Karla Miller lead a group of  four volunteers mowing the east end trails.   The group came equipped with a Tracked ASV with a brushhog and a hand held brush saw. Over the weekend they mowed and brushed the  Lace Lake, Tall Pines, Knopp trails and one and one-half miles of the Banadad, outside the BWCA.   The ASV did most of the mowing while the brushsaw was used to clear through the swamps where the ASV could not go. All and all, 7.5 miles is now ready for winter.

ASV on road

ASV on road

Of course the weekend was not all work. There crew eat well and had fun during their off hours.

The crew

The crew

Snow Conditions- May 13

It may not be great skiing but after all it is may 13.  There is still snow in the woods and the Lakes with the exception of the  small ponds are still frozen.May 13, 2013

Still Plenty of Snow

There still is about a foot of continues snow on the Banadad.  No skiers! I guess we are all tired of winter. See you next ski season sometime the end of November or early December.

Protect our Winters

Thought this organization info  I received recently from Roger Lohr  might interest some of you- thanks, Ted Young

Campaign Cause

On April 11, cross country skiing’s racing celebrity Kikkan Randall joined 74 other snow sport icons in signing a letter to President Obama to urge action on climate and energy with the organization “Protect Our Winters” Is it time for the xc ski community to get on board with these issues that threaten our passion and livelihood?

And as always, I’m looking for newsworthy info about events, programs, and special offers for the spring and summer to post on the What’s Happening Page and Hot Topics Page; so drop me a line. I’m trying to promote resorts on the site and secondarily, in my anxiety-driven existence, I probably try too hard to keep the regional What’s Happening columns (east, central, and west) somewhat even…

Best wishes, Roger Lohr,

Spring on the Banadad Trails

April First and this is not an April fools joke. The skiing is great!

April 1, 2013- skiing the Banadad Trails

Check out Banadad by “helmet cam”

You view a youtub short take ski beginning at the eastend of the Banadad by helmet cam.

First Skiers of the Season through Banadad

Three intrepid skiers from Duluth were the first to ski the entire Banadad this winter season. After spending a night at the Tall Pine Yurt the trio skied the 19 kilometers to the Croft Yurt where they stayed their second night. The weather cooperated the first day’s ski and the track was fairly good. However by the second day’s ski the temperature rose into the thirties and it began to rain. The trail which had some center stubble showing through even before the rain began to deteriorated.   One of the three skiers remarked that until there is fresh snow on the Banadad, “skiers should plan on using their old skis.”

Snow is forecast for today.