Snow Conditions- May 13

It may not be great skiing but after all it is may 13.  There is still snow in the woods and the Lakes with the exception of the  small ponds are still frozen.May 13, 2013

Still Plenty of Snow

There still is about a foot of continues snow on the Banadad.  No skiers! I guess we are all tired of winter. See you next ski season sometime the end of November or early December.

Protect our Winters

Thought this organization info  I received recently from Roger Lohr  might interest some of you- thanks, Ted Young

Campaign Cause

On April 11, cross country skiing’s racing celebrity Kikkan Randall joined 74 other snow sport icons in signing a letter to President Obama to urge action on climate and energy with the organization “Protect Our Winters” Is it time for the xc ski community to get on board with these issues that threaten our passion and livelihood?

And as always, I’m looking for newsworthy info about events, programs, and special offers for the spring and summer to post on the What’s Happening Page and Hot Topics Page; so drop me a line. I’m trying to promote resorts on the site and secondarily, in my anxiety-driven existence, I probably try too hard to keep the regional What’s Happening columns (east, central, and west) somewhat even…

Best wishes, Roger Lohr,

Spring on the Banadad Trails

April First and this is not an April fools joke. The skiing is great!

April 1, 2013- skiing the Banadad Trails

Check out Banadad by “helmet cam”

You view a youtub short take ski beginning at the eastend of the Banadad by helmet cam.

First Skiers of the Season through Banadad

Three intrepid skiers from Duluth were the first to ski the entire Banadad this winter season. After spending a night at the Tall Pine Yurt the trio skied the 19 kilometers to the Croft Yurt where they stayed their second night. The weather cooperated the first day’s ski and the track was fairly good. However by the second day’s ski the temperature rose into the thirties and it began to rain. The trail which had some center stubble showing through even before the rain began to deteriorated.   One of the three skiers remarked that until there is fresh snow on the Banadad, “skiers should plan on using their old skis.”

Snow is forecast for today.

New Ski Manual by Rykken

9780736097017_zoomA recently published book by Anne Rykken, Banadad Trail Association, Board of Direct and Minnehaha Academy ski coach, written in collaboration with Bridget Duoos, Teaching Cross Country Skiing is an important read for anyone teaching Nordic skiing to children and young adults. Reviews on Amazon and in the December 2012 ,Cross Country Skier Magazines states;

“Whether you are new to teaching cross-country skiing or an experienced instructor, Teaching Cross-Country Skiing has everything you need for delivering a fun and successful learning experience for children and young adults. This complete teaching tool offers foundational information, teaching aids, and 30 detailed lesson plans aligned to current National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards. Cross-country skiing offers an excellent opportunity to get out of the gym and beat those winter blues! Easy on the joints and offering benefits for the cardiovascular system, muscular development, and coordination, cross-country skiing is an activity that both young and old can enjoy. (for more information on book  click on to continue)

First Tracks

tracks 12.

First tracks of the season- 7 km. from the Banadad’s eastern trailhead to Meads Lake Portage.   We have about 6 inches of snow in the woods and about 2-3 of base. But  it it is snowing today.

New Snow Last Night

Last night eight inches of fresh snow fell on the Banadad. We will have to wait a few days for the snow to settle and the ground to freeze before we can get out and  start opening the trail. But get your skis ready.

Support the Banadad Ski Trail Become a Member Today


Autumn is here and the first snow has fallen in northern Minnesota.  It will soon be time to think about cross-country skiing on the Banadad Trail, the longest tracked ski trail in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA).  Skiers will be traversing this pristine wilderness ski trail in just month or so.

The Banadad Trail Association is an all-volunteer organization formed in 2009 to preserve and maintain the Banadad. All maintenance and trail clearing to keep the Banadad Trail open must be done by hand. Special permission from the U.S. Forest Service allows the trail to be tracked for skiing. Every fall the Banadad Trail Association coordinates volunteers to help get the trail ready for the ski season and in winters the Association supports the tracking of the Banadad.  We are committed to ensuring that the Banadad Trail remains a unique wilderness resource for future generations.

The Trail Association Board invites you to invest in the future of the Banadad by joining the association. Your membership truly does make a significant and meaningful difference.  Last year with the help of your membership dollars the 32-foot, remotely located Banadad Bridge was rebuilt and in spite of the late arrival of winter and early spring the Association’s groomers spent 139 hours tracking the trail. The CO2 that is put into the atmosphere as a result of our grooming and maintenance is sequester in trees that we plant. This year over 500 white and red pines were planted around the eastern end of the Banadad. Without members support, the Banadad Trail would cease to exist.

Membership levels for this year (October 2012 to September 30, 2013) are:

$15 Cook County Residents

$25 Individual

$35 Family

Consider these additional levels of membership to help support the Banadad:

$50 Trail Maintainer

$100 Trail Builder

$250 Founding Member

$500 Lifetime Preservationist membership in the Banadad Trail Association

To become a member, please click on membership, click on the membership form, print out and fill in the membership form and mail it to the Banadad Trail Association, PO Box 436, Grand Marais, MN 55604 or join using your credit card at the membership level you wish by going to

The BTA is a federally tax-exempt non-profit organization allowing your membership donation to be tax deductible.

Be sure to follow the latest on trail conditions on the Association’s website and add your own tales from the trail at on the association’s newsletter – the Banadad Bulletin.

Sincerely, Andy Jenks- President

Chris Matter,  Membership Co-Chair                  Anne Rykken, Membership Co-Chair