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Older Trail Notes

Trail Groomed Today

Finished grooming entire trail-  14" base 21" in woods, 2" new snow.
See News & Notes  1/29/2022

Picture from Saturday 1/29/2022

Entire Banadad Trail System  Groomed
this afternoon (1/21/2022)

Lace Lake, Tall Pines, Tim Knopp and entire Banadad Trail groomed We go 4-6 of new snow yesterday. The Base is 14 inches and very good. 21 inches in the woods.  Groomers worked through some serious cold. It takes about 1 1/2 to groom East End Trails which are close to the Eastern Trailhead.  But it takes over 4 hours to groom the entire remote Banadad Trail. So it get really hard to do in extreem cold weather and then once they brave the 4 hour cold trip, they then have to also get back. 


See current pictures on the Blog


All Trails Groomed - 1-12-2022


This morning we finished grooming the entire Banadad Trail System,  all 41 km. Conditions are great and we have 17 inches of snow in the woods with 12-15 inch trail base.  We have had 2 inches of new snow.  SKI Banadad!!

East End Trails Groomed this morning 1/19/2022

Notes from past seasons

Groomed/Tracked East End Trails (Tall Pines, Lace Lake, Tim Knopp) and Banadad Trail to the Mid Trail Junction on Thursday afternoon (3-11-2021). Will Groom/Track to West End tomorrow.

4-6" of new snow on the trail; heard reports of higher totals near West End. Current Pictures below

This afternoon (2-25-2021) we re-tracked all of the Banadad Trail (27km) East to West.  Good snow conditions.
See attached picture of todays tracking/grooming.  We also found what we believe to be a moose bedding site along the trail near the west end.  It appears that the moose's weight and body heat melted the snow. Interesting side light to XC ski trails through the wilderness. See second attached picture.

Re-tracked Tall PInes and Lace Lake trails 2-19-2021


East End Trails
Re-Tracked late Tuesday 1/26/2021


Banadad Trail re-tracked today;
east end trails tomorrow!!



Thursday, 12/31/2020, the Banadad Grooming team; Eric McDonald and Josh Carlson finished grooming and tracking the entire trail system.   Great snow and skiing conditions.  4" new and 10" trail base and 16" in the woods.  Let's Ski!!! 


More New Snow

Wednesday, (12/30/2020) we tracked Tall Pines and Lace Lake Trail. 4" of new snow, 16" depth in woods, 10" base on trail. Tracking entire Banadad tomorrow (Thursday).

Image from today's work on Lace Lake Trail.


Groomed and Tracked!!    Lace Lake, Tall Pines and Banadad (1st 15 km; to mid Trail Junction)

Monday, December 28, 2021: 
Eric McDonald and Josh Carlson just completed the tracking of the 1st 15 km of the Banadad Trail.  The rest of the trail (west from the mid-trail) is packed and mowed and will be tracked soon.  Lace Lake and Tall Pines were tracked Friday.

Great work guys!


Opening 2020-2021 Season

December 26, 2021

Just before Christmas the grooming team opened, rolled and packed the entire trail system; These are the 1st steps to open the trail. Yesterday the Lace Lake and Tall Pines trails were fully groomed and tomorrow (Sunday) we will be grooming the Banadad Trail to the West End Parking lot.  See pictures below from yesterday and today.     Combing/Packing and then setting the track


For historical grooming reports see News and Notes or Blog

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