Volunteer Trail Work

Join the "Banadad Beavers" for a Work Weekend clearing the summer's accumulation of brush and downed trees and bridge replacement projects along the Banadad Ski Trail. Most of the Banadad is located within the BWCAW, where the use of power equipment for maintenance is prohibited. As a result, just to get the trail open for skiing each year requires some 600-650 hours of hand labor.


Lodging, meal preparation, trail tools and a trail work boss are provided by Banadad Trail Association. You bring work clothing, sleeping bags and lots of sweat.


Two groups of special note that have  put in many years of working with us ,each fall, clear brush and down trees are the North Start Ski Touring Club and the Minnehaha Academy Cross Country Ski Team.


Organized groups and clubs


If you have a work crew of four or more people we will arrange a work date of your choice and make any other special arrangements to accommodate your group.

Special Thank to the North Star Ski Touring Club for the contribution of  a $5000 matching grant towards the construction of a maintenance and storage building for our grooming equipment.

Dealing with beaver dam on trail November 2017