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Best skiing in years - (2/25/2022) -major snow fall -great ski conditions

Last night we re-groomed the entire Banadad Trail System (41km). We have been grooming sections early in the week but received over 12" of new snow, so had to re-groom the whole trail.

Recent skiers reported "best skiing in years" conditions.

We had major trouble grooming. We use big Skandic Snowmobiles. They are meant for heavy deep snow but the amount was so significant that many areas were blown in so much that we could not see the trail while grooming. When we can't see the trail, a snowmobile runner can slip slightly off the packed trail, then your over & stuck. With serious cold and snow this was very challenging . We use Garmin InReach communications to keep in touch but with conditions our rescue snowmobile team could not make it all the way out to help. Fortunately Curry Thompson was able to self-rescue after getting stuck several times. (see pictures below)

48+ inches in the woods, 33 inches on the trail with base of 27 inches. Over 12 inches new snow past few days.

Great skiing!!!!

All pictures from 2/24 or 2/25/2022

When/where we got stuck - swipe sideways on pictures for for "stuckshow"

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