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Trail Open "As Is"

Updated: Jan 5

"The East End Trails were groomed Wednesday evening (12/28/2022); due to the death of our groomer Curry Thompson and the loss of our equipment, we are trying to determine our options for grooming and maintaining the trail this season;

Most of the Entire Trail System is Open and was cleared and packed before the last huge snow/cold just before Christmas. There will be a lot of snow covering the trail and NO Grooming, but please get out and have fun. Be Safe; conditions are really not well known, snow drifts could be deep.

We encourage use of any sort (non motorized) on the public trail; currently best for snowshoeing, back-country skiing, skijoring or dog sledding.

Please think of our friend Curry Thompson when you're out there. His energy is still with the Trail.

Make a snowman for him!! The Trail is there for the public to use "as is".


Banadad Trail Association"

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